Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Product review: Kiss products - from the brand challenge by Influenster

As part of each Influenster.com Voxbox, recipients can participate in what is called brand-challenges. These little treasure hunt-type exercises are intended for the Voxobox recipient to become more familiar with the brands represented in each VoxBox. As part of the brand-challenge, you can subscribe to Twitter and Facebook pages, write a review etc.

Once all assigned tasks are completed, the Voxbox recipient then becomes eligible for winning a challenge prize. I have won several prizes in the past and yesterday received one more win from a Voxbox brand-challenge. This time, the prize was from Kiss and it contained a set of false eyelashes as well as a complete set of Nail Dress.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - brand challenge win from Influenster campaign, courtesy of Kiss cosmetics!
As you can see from the image above, the lashes are wonderful. They truly look natural and for a beginner like me are really easy to apply. They have a little string and then a glue-type substance that ensures a solid fit for the whole day. I initially got a starter kit in my Influenster Voxbox and could practice with the kit to use false lashes. These lashes can also be used multiple times and you can store them right in the box in between uses.

The Nail Dress is absolutely adorable.The little sparkle, crystal-like decorations actually can be felt on the Nail Dress and I love the pink color of the stripes. I may save these for Easter because the pink is such a nice pink pastel, which is perfect for Easter. I have previously tried the nail products by Kiss and was surprised by how easy they can be applied and especially how long they last. The nail covers actually last a whole week without falling off or tearing. Granted I work in an office, so the chance of nails getting damaged is relatively small, but still. I like the fact that you can apply the nails on the weekend, get the manicure completed with filing etc, and then be set for the rest of the week.

I am very happy to have won the brand challenge from Influenster and Kiss and I certainly can use both products. If you are hesitant to use either product, especially the false eyelashes, I would encourage you to get the starter kit for eyelashes by Kiss and see how it works for you. I always thought eyelashes would be difficult to apply and to wear, especially for contact lens users. But non of these concerns apply here, Kiss really took the guesswork out of using false eyelashes for me. While I do not use false eyelashes regularly, I have used them for parties and special outings. The Nail Dress I obviously used more regularly and with so many designs available, Kiss really offers a design for every taste and situation.

Below is a link to the Kiss website for their eyelashes here. And  the website for the many, many kinds of designs available from Kiss for your nails is available here. I plan on using a Kiss Nail Dress for a New Year's Eve party and will post an update then with images.

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