Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Product review: Kroger Private Selection Classic Water Crisps

As part of bzzagent.com and its campaign for Kroger Private Selection products I had received a package of original water crisps. For those not familiar with the Private Selection line of products, these products are a Kroger store brand. But in contrast to the impression that many people have of store brands, correct or incorrect, the Private Selection line of products are high quality, gourmet-type products and these original water crisps are no exception.

Water Crisps are low salt, low fat crackers that work well with any topping. Because they do not have any flavor of their own other than a baked through crispiness, they are perfect to use for appetizers. I have paired water crisps depending on the occasion with sweet and savory toppings. They work well with peanut butter or a nice homemade lemon curd as well as with savory toppings such as tomatoes and mozzarella marinated in balsamico or cheese and kalamata olives. For a simply appetizer this holiday season, I paired the water crisps with a peppery cheese and cucumber combo as well as a cheese and salami mix.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - appetizer using Private Selection Original Water Crisps and savory toppings!
Since water crisps are very light, low in fat and salt and have no cholesterol, they are inherently healthy and it is perfectly allowable to splurge on the toppings. I used creamy sliced cheeses and then added bits of salami or freshly cut cucumber to the cheese to generate some variety. The water crisps, because of their even size and thin crispy texture, allow the focus on the toppings. The salami was a wine salami  that I wanted to be the focus on rather than the cracker. I hate using flavorful crackers with certain toppings because toppings and cracker compete and the flavors overlay. The wine salami was a treat that I specifically purchased for the holidays and I paired it with a mild cheese for additional texture without distracting from the salami flavor. The water crisps were perfect for this pairing.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - a light, yet filling appetizer that is sure to please everyone!
The water crisps appetizers were a hit with the guests. The toppings were clearly the center, whereas the water crisps were the unsung hero workhorse to the appetizer. But people commented on how well the crisps were chosen for this appetizer.

If you are looking for reasonably prized gourmet food items at your local grocery store, I highly recommend you consider purchasing the Private Selection items at Kroger. The line consists of water crisps, capers, jams, cheeses, coffee, ice cream and many more items. I have sampled many private selection items and have NEVER been disappointed. The Private Selection line of food is consistently high quality and the flavors are outstanding.

I personally purchase most of my Private Selection at the S. Roxboro St. Kroger in Durham, which carries a wide selection of Private Selection items, including these original water crisps.

Disclaimer: I received a bzzkit from bzzagent.com consistent of several free coupon, items as well as money off coupons for Kroger Private Selection items. The opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by bzzagent, Kroger or any other third party.

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