Sunday, February 24, 2013

Harris Teeter: Double your coupons up to and including $2 - review of Campbells Go soup Coconut Curry!

I sometimes blog about my shopping trip, but super doubles at Harris Teeter makes this difficult because I end up with so many good deals.

This week is super doubles week again at HT and on Saturday my shopping ended up with two huge shopping bags and a gallon of milk. Regarding the milk, one thing I really appreciate about Harris Teeter recently is the regular sales on milk. For me the milk was an eVic special, valid on Saturday only, but at less than $3 a gallon, this was a bargain that I combined with my weekly shopping on super doubles week.

I had plenty of coupons worth $2 and also used several that were worth $1. I noticed that super doubles will only be doubled up to the price of the item that your purchase; Harris Teeter does not provide overage anymore. This may be specific to the store on the intersection of Hwy54/55 in S. Durham. I will go to another Harris Teeter and verify this. I would be interested in hearing whether Harris Teeter in other areas still produce overage during super doubles weeks.

One of the nice things about super doubles week is the fact that you can use the big savings to go on some product discovery. I did just that with the Campbells Go soups. I had heard some bzz around these soups on the internet and decided to give it a try. In part I was attracted to the soup because they have a variety entitled Coconut Curry. I love Curry and I love Coconut, so I of course purchased that variety.  All the flavors are listed here. The benefit of these soups and I guess the origin of the name "Go" comes from the convenience of these soups. They come in microwaveable bags. You simply make a small tear into the bag, microwave them for a couple of minutes and pour the soup into two bowls; there are two servings per bag. The salt content is quite high, but I figured sticking to the serving size, adding some boiled rice to make the soup a filling meal, I could handle the higher than usual salt content.

The flavor was good, quite spicy and you could taste both the curry and the coconut. Overall, I liked the soup and the preparation is hard to beat in terms of convenience. What made this Go soup such a good deal was the fact that you could download a digital coupon from Harris Teeter for $2 off two Go soups (priced locally around $3), combine that with an available catalina coupon from the cash register to save another $1.50 and stack it finally with a $1off Facebook coupon available here. This makes the Go soups practically free and ideal to try out for the first time during the super doubles week at Harris Teeter.

So go to Harris Teeter, enjoy super doubles and maybe make your own product discovery!

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