Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Product review: Goodies February Box

Today I received my February Goodies box and in honor of Valentines Day the theme for this box is pairings. They included some expected, traditional pairings, but also at least one pairing that I would call unexpected. This will be an interesting month to sample.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - the Goodies box for this month with a theme "Pairings"

I received:
  1. Sweet & Spicy Chipotle Roasted Chickpea Snacks (see here for product info)
  2. Chewy Chips Ahoy made with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (here)
  3. Snackwell's - Yogurt Pretzels, 6 count (here)
  4. Bacon Popcorn, 3 count (here)
  5. Peanut Butter & Co - Smooth Operator (here)
  6. Peanut Butter & Co - Dark Chocolate Dreams (here) 
  7. Enjoy Life Plentils Light Sea Salt (here)

I had White Chocolate Peanut Butter from the same company some time ago and really liked it, so the two versions of Peanut Butter included in this box should be good. I am also happy to sample the Chickpea snack. I am thinking that it will be similar to roasted peanuts.

I have no idea how the lentil snack or the bacon popcorn will turn out to be. But I signed up for a product discovery service and so the discovery of these new flavor combinations will be interesting. I will blog about my impressions of the content later on this month as I snack my way through this box.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - Bacon Popcorn? This should be interesting.

Disclaimer: I received the contents of a Goodies Box in exchange for a subscription fee. The opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by Goodies or any other third party.

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