Friday, November 23, 2012

CVS Run on Black Friday - ECBs are nice to use!

I had stopped going to CVS for quite some time because I just did not see anything that sparked my interest. Especially the Back to School specials this year were a major disappointment to me. But last week, CVS had a lot of thing as Free after ECB, which means free after Extra Care Bucks. The principle of ECBs are easy, you spend money and get paper coupons, called ECBs, back that you can redeem again at CVS just like cash.
Having gotten about $20 in ECBs last weekend, I then went today to the CVS on S. Roxboro to again pick up free after ECB items. I like that location because it is large enough that the staff can simply put bins with ECB specials in front the cash registers and so getting the specials is literally just walking past the bins and picking the items on sale that week. I was literally done in less than 10 minutes this morning and following are image of my haul.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - around $2 out of pocket for these items and more than $20 ECBs back!
I do not get a paper, so I could not find a discount that CVS was making available that could have saved me even more,but $2 for these items is not bad and I got $22 in ECBs back for a future visit. Like I said previously, I work full-time and cannot spend a lot of time hunting bargain sites, organizing coupons or planning every stop to buy items on a weekend. But CVS with minimal planning allows for some good deals - keep in mind, always buy stuff that you use. Do not buy items that you do not use - I can always use the items shown above and CVS does a good job of putting on sale drugstore items that most people need. I can always offer a clean toothbrush to people that may visit overnight and forgotten theirs, same for all the free bodywash, soap and shampoo I have gotten from CVS over the years.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - around $2 spent!
copyright Durhamonthecheap - more ECBs to spend in the future!
So if you are busy and don't think that you have time for bargain hunting, coupon clipping etc, CVS allows you to save quite a bit of money without spending a lot of time. Give CVS a try and make sure you sign up for the Extra Care Card to qualify for sale prices and ECBs on your shopping trips!

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