Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Goodies website order - very, very good prices on gourmet-style food!

So you have by now seen my blog about the Goodies Company box that I received earlier this month and how much I enjoyed several of the items that were included. I still have to try to the Chocolate Souffle, but it sounds good and based on the description should be very easy to make. Everything else included the box were things that I really enjoyed. I loved the Popcorn, the Fair-Trade Dark chocolate was awesome and they even included a very nice tote bag that I can use for grocery shopping.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - the Wine Biscuits that were included in my sampler package go well with Brie!

Goodies Company is associated with Walmart and so I was not surprised to find out that the prices on their website for ordering full-size products actually beat the prices listed on Amazon. I simply had to wait until CyberMonday to get free shipping and I was ordering items before I went to work to make sure I got what I wanted. Here is the website for ordering items:

Today the items arrived and I could not be happier. I ordered the Biscoff Spread and two boxes of the Wine Biscuits. The biscuits are very good, they taste like a mixture of butter, pepper and herbs - and they go perfect with cheese. I have paired Brie with them when I got them in my Goodies Company package, but for a dinner with friends next week I will have a cheese platter and usually include Brie, a Pepper Jack cheese as well as a Gouda and possibly a soft cheese. The Wine Biscuits will go well with these cheeses and I cannot wait to hear how my friends enjoy the newly discovered gourmet item for my cheese tray.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - Goodies Company order that arrived today!
The Biscoff spread will be saved for a Sunday morning brunch and offered with toasted Bagels and a good cup of coffee! I cannot wait until another Goodies Company sampler box arrives. The only downside of this box was that the Bigelow Pumpkin Spice tea included was sold out online already and I so far have not been able to find it in a local store. It was a wonderful tea flavor and really brought you Autumn in a cup - great combination of sweetness and spices!

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