Saturday, November 24, 2012

Product review: Café Bistro Compliments Assorted Cookie Tin

So by now you will have seen the assorted goodies that Aldi currently offers for Christmas - lots of chocolate and gingerbread, a lot of it imported from Germany.
I can highly recommend stopping by Aldi this time of year and purchasing the MERCI chocolate, the various gingerbread items they have on sale as well as the mint chocolate thins (on special a couple of weeks ago).

Today, I would like to call your attention to a product that will be on sale as a special next week. The Café Bistro Compliments Assorted Cookie Tin is filled with European style cookies and at that price ($8.99) a real bargain for 35oz of chocolate and butter goodness. My local Aldi has a smaller version on sale for $3.99, but I bought this 35oz tin last year and everyone enjoyed the cookies. They contain good chocolate and have a real butter taste that goes well with coffee or tea as an afternoon break when coming in from the cold.

Keep an eye out for this cookie tin on sale next week at Aldi!

In addition, the tin looks nice enough that I actually left it out all season long on my dining room table (and grabbed a cookie whenever I passed by the table). I like the fact that the chocolate is a mix of milk and dark chocolate, some cookies have coconut on them or almonds baked in - and the cookies are less sweet than most American cookies and the variety cannot be beat. I really like the cookie that is a simple cigar shape, but tastes so buttery. Another favorite of mine is the thin wafer that has browned butter and sugar as its main ingredients.

If you are not familiar with European-style cookies, this tin is an excellent way to get started and I bet you will not fail to impress your guests with holiday season with these wonderful cookies!

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