Friday, November 9, 2012

Next week at Aldi: Crofton Electric Fireplace - my experiences after one year!

  • Crofton Electric Fireplace
    I bought this fireplace last year in oak. I believe next week they will have only cherry on sale, but the product is comparable to the one I bought last year and I am extremely happy with it.

    I bought an electric fireplace for my porch as well as use occasionally in my home-office since I  like to turn the thermostat to fairly low level overall in the house. A fireplace just seems nicer in the study and the porch, which is a 3-season porch with windows and insulation, just not connected to the furnace and AC. 
    I have included plenty of pictures, so I can explain the function of the fireplace and show how it looks like when lit.

    copyright Durhamonthecheap - fireplace unlit, this is the oak version!

    copyright Durhamonthecheap - fireplace lit - it has remote control and heats the room fast!

    copyright Durhamonthecheap - controlling the heat output. Here at 5 = highest level

    copyright Durhamonthecheap - controlling the heating time here = 3 hours!

    copyright Durhamonthecheap - set at level 1 for lowest heat output

    copyright Durhamonthecheap - controlling heat output here 5, which is the highest
    As you can see, the remote control allows a variety of settings to adjust for heat output and timing. I am very happy with the purchase from last year and I may opt to get a second one in cherry, so I do not have to move the fireplace around. It is fairly easy to roll my model around because it has rollers and can certainly be handled by one person. I thought the price was very reasonable, still around $180 is an expensive investment. But after one year and spending quite some time in my office, the fireplace was certainly a good investment that allowed me to save on heating overall, yet keep my office nice and warm. Even though the model next week does not explicitly state remote control, I assume it is included because all the other features (except for the cherry finish) are identical to the model that I have.

    Again, I can certainly recommend the Electric Fireplace on sale next week at Aldi. If you are looking for a way to heat one of the rooms in your house, while maintaining a relatively low overall temperature in your house, this model will serve you well. I certainly cannot complain about the Crofton Fireplace that I bought last year!

    UPDATE: I went and bought the cherry wood version and put it in my sunroom - I could not be happier. Even in November now, the sunroom is heated to a cozy 72F within a few minutes after turning on the fireplace and setting it to the strongest setting. After reaching the temperature, I turn the heater down to the lowest setting and the room stays cozy all day long. Thanks to the fireplace, I have gained the year-round use of my sun room at minimal cost.
    I hope several of my readers decided to also buy the fireplace. I find it to be an excellent investment.

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