Sunday, November 18, 2012

Product review: Goodies sampler box

I am meber of several subscription box services, some free, some at bargain prices, all providing me interesting packages several times a month. One new service that I signed up for is Goodies, a company affiliated with Walmart that compiles food-related boxes several times a year as a way to introduce customers to new products that have a gourmet angle. The plan is that based on feedback through online orders, Walmart may decide to stock some of these items in their stores.
The first box arrived a couple of days ago and I was pleasantly surprised because not a single item in the box was known to me from prior experiences. To find a collection of totally new items was very nice and made the box, which cost $7, very worthwhile.
I am not through sampling all the products, but will use this entry to introduce a couple of items that I really liked a lot! First, the picture of the box. You can see that a large cotton bag was included that I can use for grocery shopping. In addition, I received a sample of Pumpkin Spice tea, some candied nut mixture, white cheddar popcorn, a caramel spread, a mix to make two chocolate souffles, wine crackers, and an organic dark chocolate bar with a crispy texture.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - my first Goodies box for $7!

The first item that I samples was the Wite Cheddar popcorn from Oogies. For lunch, paired with a banana, it was a perfect snack. The popcorn was not greasy at all and the cheese flavor tasted like real cheese and not artificial cheese spread.

copyright Durhamonthecheap - my mission was to enjoy this little bag of candied nuts!
Then I could not resist trying out the nut mixture. They are available at and I sampled the original mix. The bag contained almonds, cashews and pecans combined with a blend of savory spices - it was very, very good. The flavor of the spices actually enhanced the nutty flavor of the mix and the nuts were very fresh. I may have order some more from here, the price for a full-size 8oz jar is around $10.

Another item that I could not wait to sample was the Biscoff spread. It looked like peanut butter, but tasted different and so much better. Again, to the rescue when I need to order the full-size jar here at a price of around $7 to $8 a jar.
copyright Durhamonthecheap - perfect snack, Biscoff spread and some crackers

copyright Durhamonthecheap - it looks like peanut butter, but so much better with a nice hint of caramel!
I really enjoyed the sweet, caramel flavored spread with the contrasting mild saltiness of the crackers. The combination made a very nice midday snack. If you ever had the Biscoff cookies, which I have enjoyed for several years now after being introduced to them on an flight in the USA, then this spread is for you. It is made out of 57% Biscoff cookies and can be used just like peanut butter. It even comes in a crunchy and smooth variety.

So, overall the my first Goodies box made me very happy because I get to sample a bunch of awesome products so far. I am very happy to have learned about Biscoff spread because that is definitely something I am considering ordering from

Disclaimer: I received the samples as part of the subcription service by Goodies. The opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own and have not been influenced by third parties.

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